happy birthday to meeeee~

Just another redo pic for your viewing pleasures. This is one that was actually a pretty darn good pic for 2006- especially Ayant's anatomy (left), but my terrible coloring KILLED it. So I tried to correct that a little. This week I was dying with my art, but I think it finally came back today. So that is good. I really do have to learn, though, that taking a break really is part of the work process and is necessary to avoid burnout. I'm an old man now! <3

need to stop staying up until 6am *w*

It's time for another episode of (see: first time ever)... Del paints over her own old art! YAAAAY. I dunno, just a middle of the night weirdness. Above are two pictures from 2007. Below.. is me having fun painting over them and trying to make them even a little less sucky. yeeeeey (and there was much rejoicing.)

well the weather outside is frightful

Hey guyz :D remember me?!? Hahahahaha. Here's some stuff- sorry, I've been superbusy! If you didn't see, I put up my 40 pages of Law of Talos round 3 a little bit ago- which had been taking up my time for about 45 days straight. Ewww. So that's why I haven't been showing my little face around here. Now I'm working on commissions and christmas presents and stuff, so you'll see that stuff soon enough. On to the pictures!

First off, here's a sketch of a picture I posted of me & Rel on dA. I like the sketch- it came out just how I wanted the first time, which is amazing xD and never happens. The second is just a sketch of Rel being angries and such, which is usual. The last is a throwback to circa 2002, a holiday picture that once adorned my main page, sporting some DELVE-ites! Yess~ Hopefully I'll have more sketches for you guys soon! Until then, shop carefully D:

America, MAKE IT DO

Durt-durt-durrrr~ Yeah I said I'd upload these Halloween failed pics.. but I just got around to doing it :3;; ehehehhh! But yeah! There's here now..!! Left to right we've got, Pandora Rel & Diallo hangin' out (this is badly drawn, as it was in the throes of being angry at myself not being able to draw anything good), then another failed one of the three trick-or-treating (gilgamesh in the bg), and then a third failed image of Rel being all.. vampirey. nstuff. yeup.

*sits on edge of seat waiting for poll results* *w* c'mooon amuurrikaaaa~

Elfs are very upsetting~

ARARARR. Sorry guys, I have, like, nothing for you at all. Apologies across the board! I'm hoping I'll be able to finish a Halloween pic for ya'll. Also, after seeing the doctor I'm supposed to be taking it easy on my arm.. or something. So here's some crap from a few weeks ago for you!

Another set of DELVE chibis, just the elves this time! They're all guys (yeah, they're girly). Then there's just Tshaude & Avaene- Avaene being kinda a creepshow (ha-HA), and then lastly young Zankou. This is all I has!!!!

I was never good at coming up with titles..

Just some more random sketchcrap! Yep.

Here we've got some kinda.. emo... random emotional draw-types stuff. I don't know what it is, it just is xD Then there's Isos & his hottie albino wife, who both might need a lil redesign if I'm ever to work on DELVE as a comic. Last but not least, a Mihaynye scan that somehow dropped off the last set of scans I posted. Yep eeeyep! Glad you guys liked the Rellik doodles!

My favorite angsty vampire

Awright. Yeah, I know, been posting every two days.. shhh.. it will not last, I promise. Here's some Rellik stuff! The first image is a doodle I made while pondering Rel's backstory to myself. It's kind of a fun comparison, Rellik to Chase, his human counterpart. He's been through so much- but regardless of how different they look, the images do have the same facial features. I traced them. Secondly, the requested Rellik Dream image! That was a very cool dream. And eegadz, that picture is from 2005. Glad to know it had staying power!! And then lastly I decided to dip back even further, and show ya'll a Rellik CG that I did back in 2002. I drew all those chains... I shudder to remember it.

That is all! I may be slow on posts now- because not only do I have my commissions, but now Law of Talos round 2 to contend with. Ahh yes~ back to the grindstone.

DELVE doodlings

See? I said I had more scans... and yes, I know I'm overdoing it, but, once I get busybusier again I'll slow down with the posts. Hahahaha. I'm just not good about spreading stuff out over time.. when I have stuff to post, I post!!

Here's some DELVE sketches from my book. The first of which, for having done in pen, is really what I want DELVE to look like. Man, if I could make the chars look like that all the time..! I'd be set. So yes. The first is Chial backlit by Malothian, the second being Malothian and his cronies, and the third having portraits of Zhuer and Mathias, respectively.

More to come later, and Odrobinka, I will definitely post up that Rellik dream pic for you next update! And thanks Nicky, for all your nice comments :3 you're too much a sweetie!

Shiver me Timbers

Huuu, just for you, sketchblog viewers, I got on my parents' old computer and wrastled with the likes of the old old scanner there to bring you (gasp) actual for realz sketches. Yes. Sorry for the low quality, both due to scanner (sorry, Dad) and the fact that the spiral binding on my sketchbook does noting but fight the scan... These are some of the more finished-ish images from my most recent sketchbook, which only has a handful of pages left.

But yep. First off we've got a battle sister (yay Warhammer 40k!) done in some sharpie, Teshi my oldold website mascot done in just pen (as are many of my images.. I usually misplace my mechanical pencils, but I've got a huge box of pens on my desk), and last but not least, Powergirl. Yep.

Alas, Nicky, I could not find that zombie image that which you speak of.. but sadly I do recall it. It's in a sketchbook -somewhere-... if I find it I'll scan that too! But look forward to later in the week, since I've got a few more scans still. 'Till next time!!

Blast from 2007

Nothing new, but these are my pics of my favorite sketch art from 2007! Now they will live here, on the new sketch journal. Mwahahhaeheheh. The first is (obviously) Cammy from Street Fighter done in PaintChat, then Rellik reclining, and Tain getting bit by a werewolf. Sadly I can remember all these quite easily... Huh.

On another topic entirely, I invite (and urge) you all to go check out Dark Welkin, an awesome webcomic by Nicky, an extremely talented SCAD Grad (trust me, she rules.) If you don't pay attention to me now, there's always a link to the left, and, through the magics of widgets, you can even see when she updates o_o ooOOOoooo. But, seriously. Go read it. :D


Of random random doodles

Okaaaay. Here's some more art! This is.. horrifically random art. A whole page of random doodles, including Rellik, Yen & Lex, and some made up people. An entire page of random Nian-doodles, and last but not least the four DELVE dragon gods in chibi form. I've been wanting to draw all of the DELVE cast in chibi form.. but I know it'd take for-ehh-verrr.

On another note, I'd like to invite anyone who has previously watched my sketchblog to let me know if there's any image they can particularly recall that they have liked. I will be glad to post any, since I have them all on my computer, but the old blog itself is shot, SHOT I tell you! And for those of you who are new.. well.. Hi thar. I will attempt to post 3-4 times a month if the world and everything else allows it! So here's to the new blog.. *sips some orange juice*

New beginnings are still sketchy.

Phew. Awright. Gonna try to get this crazy little machine off its feet! This is the first real post, and the last of the test posts. But I'm still figuring it all out. We shall see, indeed~ The sketches are just Nian & Lobo hanging, and then Tain being all in the rain with Garbage lyrics. Going to attempt to label posts, so you/me can more easily find the characters we're lookin for. Oh yes. That is all!!