Moved to Tumblr~

SO GUYS I haven't updated this in two years.. I figure I should toss out a link to my new "art blog"- my art-only Tumblr! Here you go:

Please visit there if you'd like to continue to see my new sketches n whatnot! :D thanks so much! <3

and then there's this guy

Oh godddddd I'm sorry sketchblog! Hahaha, these things just tend to happen... :3;; oops. But here's some sketches! This is a new thought-up char (he's just from backstories, and probably won't be featured in anything..) his name is Norbert :D and there's a marker/pen sketch from my sketchbook, some design sketches, and then a photoshop painted portrait. Yeppp! DELVE EATS MY LIFEEEEEE

where have all the good sketches gone?

Omg hi sketchblog :D Long time no see, eh? Hahahaha. Sorry things have been pretttyyy wacky over here in Del-land~ busy to boot, what with the new webcomic coming out! Ou, has you not heard of it? Well, you can head over to to check out the scoop~

but enough of my pluggin' the comic. The above pictures? all actual sketches from a new sketchbook of mine, for starters! And all in straight ballpoint pen- pencils are too messy and too precious to lose so easily xD And they are of... Rellik looking grumpy, Some DELVE chars (no spoilers yet ;3) and then another Rellik-face. Yep! Since I don't draw him that much normally now, he haunts my sketchbooks xD hahaha. How can you say no to that grumpy mug? :( Anyway, thanks so much to those of you still watching, and I will keep attempting to update whenever I can!! <3 <3

Livestream doodlies

On (whimpering and crying) request- I have posted these doodles I did on livestream last night. I usually keep these under wraps, just so that they're special for those people who happen to attend (and stay up until all hours of the night with me), but I'll make an exception this time. These are all done on request- thus the randomness.

The first is a cool OC of Kitty's named Lady-of-the-Lost. The second is a picture of my Rellik and DeadGP's vampire, Dan, as little kids. Also being harassed by Dan's father, Francis who frightens me. Lastly, we have even more random sketchy doodles- including a pic of me, Moof drunk off eggnog, Tulio + Miguel from Road to El Dorado, and The Man They Call Jayne from Firefly.

That is all!!!

Pirinja Rides Again

Enjoy tonight a whole wack of Zankou portraits~! She's so hard to draw it takes a bit of practice to get back into the groove of what she looks like.. But yes, for those who don't know her, this is Zankou, Jamaican Pirate-Ninja. Awww yeah. First two done on the computer (Photoshop, then SAI), and the triple ones were done with pen in a tiny sketchbook. Wooo~ Until next time, kids.