Livestream doodlies

On (whimpering and crying) request- I have posted these doodles I did on livestream last night. I usually keep these under wraps, just so that they're special for those people who happen to attend (and stay up until all hours of the night with me), but I'll make an exception this time. These are all done on request- thus the randomness.

The first is a cool OC of Kitty's named Lady-of-the-Lost. The second is a picture of my Rellik and DeadGP's vampire, Dan, as little kids. Also being harassed by Dan's father, Francis who frightens me. Lastly, we have even more random sketchy doodles- including a pic of me, Moof drunk off eggnog, Tulio + Miguel from Road to El Dorado, and The Man They Call Jayne from Firefly.

That is all!!!

Pirinja Rides Again

Enjoy tonight a whole wack of Zankou portraits~! She's so hard to draw it takes a bit of practice to get back into the groove of what she looks like.. But yes, for those who don't know her, this is Zankou, Jamaican Pirate-Ninja. Awww yeah. First two done on the computer (Photoshop, then SAI), and the triple ones were done with pen in a tiny sketchbook. Wooo~ Until next time, kids.


yayyyy some more doodles! And these are more finished than my usual chickenscratch (at least 2/3) so yay for that! First: a pic of goopy couple Nikita and Surion, and then a new character, lovingly referred to as The Chosen One. Guh, I just never stop making freaks, do I...

Just some tidbits

Halloween draws ever nearer! Fufufufufu~ Ohh yes the great holiday of ORANGE :D yesss. Just some totally sketchy stuff this time around- Random char portraits are random!

Char blerurughgsusfufgh

Hu-HA! I has sketches, lookit that. And there might be more in the future.. also, my dad got me a scanner (GASP! LUV U DADDEEE) so now I will also be able to scan in my pencil doodles.. which hopefully will add a bit of an influx over here. We shall see~ Today all we have.. are sketches/char concepty stuff for Niden, who I drew earlier. Finally trying to nail down his face/expressions exactly. So.. yep. That's that!

Sketchy McSketchdom

Here's some more doodles, me peeps! Just sketchy-sketchies this time around. First off we've got some sketches of Tain, just head/hair stuff.. then some doodles of Surion and his girl, and then lastly some Zankou doodles. Just stuff that I did in the deep of the night before sleep overtook me. Yesssss~

Finally, some more art!

Yaaay, so things seem to be working today! So you finally get some art. Honestly, I've been absolutely slammed with work- mostly because, being a freelancer, if I'm not working for money... then I'm basically stealing money from myself. I know, that totally sucks, but things are so tight that it's true. So recently I haven't been doing any doodling, since my freetime was mostly filled with working on my Rellik graphic novel or other convention things. Now that all my cons are done for the year (until January) I have a teeny bit of freetime.. and soon my coloring job will come to a close, so I may have a little reprieve. Phew.

So here's some recent doodles (finally!). First off a slab of doodles that I did in the middle of the night on a late late Livestream when I ran out of steam to work on illustrations. Totally random portraits, including what Rel would look like if he had to watch Twilight. Hehehe. Secondly, a pic of Pandora and Rel- that's pretty much his expression around her at all times.

And last but not least a sketch of the baddies in DELVE! Gotta love these guys. I've also been pressing forward with working on DELVE as a webcomic- and man.. it's going to be fun, and I really hope it's well-received, but right now the biggest thing is trying to rework all those old characters for use in my art style how it is now! Everyone's starting to look a lot different- but although the DELVE characters are a lot more anime-looking, I now draw so much more realistically.. I can see that I'm going to have to do char design & turnarounds for all the chars @_@ so... I'll be getting on that soon. xD hahahhaa! But I did like how this doodle came out. Yessss~

Uhm. So yep xD That's it from me! I'll try to update this more regularly from now on :3

aw, fail..

awwww. I tried to hard to upload photos to the blog :\ but apparently there is internal errorozozorz. it is a sadness. I had them resized and everything! Boooo~ Sorry doods :\ better luck next deltime xD

unfamiliar faces

Hey long time no post! I've been crazy busy with work-artwork among other things, but I've managed to sneak a few doodles in here and there.. so here we are! I think this week is.. characters I've never drawn before on the sketchblog. Hahahaha! So here's the lineup: Niden: sniper extraordinaire and baked-goods obsesser, Ayriss: super fashion model rich chic pinup, and lastlyl Uky: who looks oddly familiar~ HMMMMM.

That's all kids! 'Til next time~

a smattering of do

Here's some middle-of-the-night SAI doodles! Yep! Just a random nothings.. I've not really had much time to work on just random crap, since I've been like this "@~@" with real work. But one night I said screw it and just doodled whatever popped into my head. So that is, in order- Nian, Yen, and Vladimir. Vlad is my computer. He's so sexy T_T both in pics and IRL right here next to me.. that's right, baby.. you're such a good PC *pets*

Yep. That is all.

new stuff and wtf is that thing up there

okay, here's the sketch rundown: a picture I did for my friend Jeremy's birthday of his char, some random OpenCanvas doodling including Mathias, and a really really quick sketch of Nun-Lugal I did while in U-Stream which brings me to:

U-STREAM! It's that video thing that's there above my posts. I'm pondering putting it below my posts, but we'll see. It's basically a live streaming TV show thang that I sometimes screw around in. If you see things happening there, then it's me.. right then.. right there.. doodling. I figured I'd add it to the sketchblog because besides sharing a name and a titlebar, they also share the whole "in-progress/making-of" shtick. So there ya go! You can visit the actual page for the show by clicking around in that widget, or clicking here! Woof.

It's the 5am CRAZIES got me

SO. I'm totally awake and thought I'd post the sketches I scanned ...just for you, sketchblog. That's right. You bettah be payin' attentions *W*!! So here we go:

Number one is a picture of Rel & Del from Law of Talos that had been haunting me and forced me to draw it. Badly. But there it is. Secondly we've got a pic of Evil Mihaynye accosting Mathias! Because.. y'know. Fun times. And lastly it's a picture on request from the girls of DC (somuchlove) to draw Tjejoljy chillin with Nian. I think she's telling him to get meat on his bones or grow some chest hair or something. Prudently marked with a "THIS IS NOT AN OTP D:<<" just in case anyone was wondering.

That's it for now!! I'm. working on... other thiiiings~ >3 mewhehehehe
PS: I totally forgot to watermark these. Because i'm a dummy! *thumbsup*

Revenge of Sketches

;-; sketches. So happy. I'm finally getting down to the very tail end of the paid holiday commissions I have to do, so.. look at this! Spare time. I've been fooling around in Painter a lot lately- I haven't touched it since the year started, actually- and I really do like some of the effects I'm getting. I'm just trying to figure a better and/or faster way to color, or -something-... Just getting a bit stircrazy doing so many portraits the same way (which I MUST, since it's what people paid for), and I'm having a good time having sketchytimes again.

I promise again that I'll scan stuff soonnnnn-ish. Yep. But as for the sketchies: Number one is a doodle of Kentaro, another addition to the "Del"-canon universe (the whole, how can Del be in Rellik's story and effect things etc etc) but really he just wanted to be drawn. And he always wants to be drawn faaar more cool than he actually is, so there you go. Secondly is a doodle of Chial experimenting in painter (she's so cute) and lastly a picture of Lyro Paw, a poor char of mine who hasn't been drawn since '06. Sorry, darling. I forgot about you kinda.. ehehehhh.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, I've been playing around with a watermark/link thing.. mostly so that, if people do save any of my stuff to HD, they can find their way back to me. I think it's a good idea. What you think? Too distracty?

Sooooo.. that's that until I decide to scan things. Woo!

and my triumphant return.. kinda

Oh my loyal followers! How I have shirked thee so! Sorry. I've had a lot of commissions and I really feel bad working on doodles when I should be doing that... and also.. well, I'm really lazy about the scanner. I hate using my dad's old scanner. It just.. interrupts my flow. But seriously, I will get on scanning some of my trip doodles soon! Until then, have some opencanvas doodles, more opencanvas doodles, followed by a good smattering of paintchat doodles from a late night stint. Enjoy!! I'll be back with quality work for ya'll ASAP. Woof!

not quite dead yet

Just some doodles from OpenCanvas this time around! I like doodling in that program (Oc1.1) because it's so simple and small and noncommittal. Mwehehe. It just runs fast and nicely <3 and makes such thin little lines. *yawn* anyyywaaayyy~ going out of town on wednesday! The good news in this is i'll be doing a lot of sketchbook and otherwise drawing, so i'm sure there'll be plenty to post upon my return early in February. <3 TTFN kids!

Happy Atarashii Jahre

2009 already! Pretty crazy. I've been working hard on commissions and trying to be entertaining sometimes to some people, so inbetween I've not had much time to sketch. But here's a few things I managed to scrounge up...

Rellik doodles compiled from a bunch of random things. I didn't like these when I drew them, so they were never released on here, but on second inspection I think they're pretty cool. Secondly a pic of Rel that's supercheese and I almost finished as a holiday pic.. but now the sketch just adorns my DeviantArt journal. And that's good enough. Lastly a portrait that I was just fiddling around with that ended up of some random vampire dude. Glowy eyes are yay~

Hope everyone's new years eve/day fiascos were entertaining! And now it's on to a new year, and I guess we'll see how it all goes! Cross your fingers...