new stuff and wtf is that thing up there

okay, here's the sketch rundown: a picture I did for my friend Jeremy's birthday of his char, some random OpenCanvas doodling including Mathias, and a really really quick sketch of Nun-Lugal I did while in U-Stream which brings me to:

U-STREAM! It's that video thing that's there above my posts. I'm pondering putting it below my posts, but we'll see. It's basically a live streaming TV show thang that I sometimes screw around in. If you see things happening there, then it's me.. right then.. right there.. doodling. I figured I'd add it to the sketchblog because besides sharing a name and a titlebar, they also share the whole "in-progress/making-of" shtick. So there ya go! You can visit the actual page for the show by clicking around in that widget, or clicking here! Woof.

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