Sketchy McSketchdom

Here's some more doodles, me peeps! Just sketchy-sketchies this time around. First off we've got some sketches of Tain, just head/hair stuff.. then some doodles of Surion and his girl, and then lastly some Zankou doodles. Just stuff that I did in the deep of the night before sleep overtook me. Yesssss~

Finally, some more art!

Yaaay, so things seem to be working today! So you finally get some art. Honestly, I've been absolutely slammed with work- mostly because, being a freelancer, if I'm not working for money... then I'm basically stealing money from myself. I know, that totally sucks, but things are so tight that it's true. So recently I haven't been doing any doodling, since my freetime was mostly filled with working on my Rellik graphic novel or other convention things. Now that all my cons are done for the year (until January) I have a teeny bit of freetime.. and soon my coloring job will come to a close, so I may have a little reprieve. Phew.

So here's some recent doodles (finally!). First off a slab of doodles that I did in the middle of the night on a late late Livestream when I ran out of steam to work on illustrations. Totally random portraits, including what Rel would look like if he had to watch Twilight. Hehehe. Secondly, a pic of Pandora and Rel- that's pretty much his expression around her at all times.

And last but not least a sketch of the baddies in DELVE! Gotta love these guys. I've also been pressing forward with working on DELVE as a webcomic- and man.. it's going to be fun, and I really hope it's well-received, but right now the biggest thing is trying to rework all those old characters for use in my art style how it is now! Everyone's starting to look a lot different- but although the DELVE characters are a lot more anime-looking, I now draw so much more realistically.. I can see that I'm going to have to do char design & turnarounds for all the chars @_@ so... I'll be getting on that soon. xD hahahhaa! But I did like how this doodle came out. Yessss~

Uhm. So yep xD That's it from me! I'll try to update this more regularly from now on :3

aw, fail..

awwww. I tried to hard to upload photos to the blog :\ but apparently there is internal errorozozorz. it is a sadness. I had them resized and everything! Boooo~ Sorry doods :\ better luck next deltime xD