happy birthday to meeeee~

Just another redo pic for your viewing pleasures. This is one that was actually a pretty darn good pic for 2006- especially Ayant's anatomy (left), but my terrible coloring KILLED it. So I tried to correct that a little. This week I was dying with my art, but I think it finally came back today. So that is good. I really do have to learn, though, that taking a break really is part of the work process and is necessary to avoid burnout. I'm an old man now! <3

need to stop staying up until 6am *w*

It's time for another episode of (see: first time ever)... Del paints over her own old art! YAAAAY. I dunno, just a middle of the night weirdness. Above are two pictures from 2007. Below.. is me having fun painting over them and trying to make them even a little less sucky. yeeeeey (and there was much rejoicing.)

well the weather outside is frightful

Hey guyz :D remember me?!? Hahahahaha. Here's some stuff- sorry, I've been superbusy! If you didn't see, I put up my 40 pages of Law of Talos round 3 a little bit ago- which had been taking up my time for about 45 days straight. Ewww. So that's why I haven't been showing my little face around here. Now I'm working on commissions and christmas presents and stuff, so you'll see that stuff soon enough. On to the pictures!

First off, here's a sketch of a picture I posted of me & Rel on dA. I like the sketch- it came out just how I wanted the first time, which is amazing xD and never happens. The second is just a sketch of Rel being angries and such, which is usual. The last is a throwback to circa 2002, a holiday picture that once adorned my main page, sporting some DELVE-ites! Yess~ Hopefully I'll have more sketches for you guys soon! Until then, shop carefully D: