happy birthday to meeeee~

Just another redo pic for your viewing pleasures. This is one that was actually a pretty darn good pic for 2006- especially Ayant's anatomy (left), but my terrible coloring KILLED it. So I tried to correct that a little. This week I was dying with my art, but I think it finally came back today. So that is good. I really do have to learn, though, that taking a break really is part of the work process and is necessary to avoid burnout. I'm an old man now! <3


Odrobinka said...

Happy birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

Arista here

Ohhh nooo XD happy bday you aren't old man now ^^ Your still pretty young when thinking about omg old things XD

I hope it was omg great !

Nicky said...

Oh, WOW all your re-do paint-overs have been amazing! (Not that they weren't pretty cool to begin with, but the old version don't hold a candle to the new awesome looking!) The bloodsplatter is especially cool, but I gotta say the change from old-to-new is most obvious on this one, and does so much for the image! You made it so fantastic! I love! Brilliant idea, instead of just sort of chucking old stuff to the wayside and improving on the next pic, to go back to the old stuff and make it freshly awesome...very clever, and totally worth it!