Pirinja Rides Again

Enjoy tonight a whole wack of Zankou portraits~! She's so hard to draw it takes a bit of practice to get back into the groove of what she looks like.. But yes, for those who don't know her, this is Zankou, Jamaican Pirate-Ninja. Awww yeah. First two done on the computer (Photoshop, then SAI), and the triple ones were done with pen in a tiny sketchbook. Wooo~ Until next time, kids.


yayyyy some more doodles! And these are more finished than my usual chickenscratch (at least 2/3) so yay for that! First: a pic of goopy couple Nikita and Surion, and then a new character, lovingly referred to as The Chosen One. Guh, I just never stop making freaks, do I...