not quite dead yet

Just some doodles from OpenCanvas this time around! I like doodling in that program (Oc1.1) because it's so simple and small and noncommittal. Mwehehe. It just runs fast and nicely <3 and makes such thin little lines. *yawn* anyyywaaayyy~ going out of town on wednesday! The good news in this is i'll be doing a lot of sketchbook and otherwise drawing, so i'm sure there'll be plenty to post upon my return early in February. <3 TTFN kids!

Happy Atarashii Jahre

2009 already! Pretty crazy. I've been working hard on commissions and trying to be entertaining sometimes to some people, so inbetween I've not had much time to sketch. But here's a few things I managed to scrounge up...

Rellik doodles compiled from a bunch of random things. I didn't like these when I drew them, so they were never released on here, but on second inspection I think they're pretty cool. Secondly a pic of Rel that's supercheese and I almost finished as a holiday pic.. but now the sketch just adorns my DeviantArt journal. And that's good enough. Lastly a portrait that I was just fiddling around with that ended up of some random vampire dude. Glowy eyes are yay~

Hope everyone's new years eve/day fiascos were entertaining! And now it's on to a new year, and I guess we'll see how it all goes! Cross your fingers...