where have all the good sketches gone?

Omg hi sketchblog :D Long time no see, eh? Hahahaha. Sorry things have been pretttyyy wacky over here in Del-land~ busy to boot, what with the new webcomic coming out! Ou, has you not heard of it? Well, you can head over to to check out the scoop~

but enough of my pluggin' the comic. The above pictures? all actual sketches from a new sketchbook of mine, for starters! And all in straight ballpoint pen- pencils are too messy and too precious to lose so easily xD And they are of... Rellik looking grumpy, Some DELVE chars (no spoilers yet ;3) and then another Rellik-face. Yep! Since I don't draw him that much normally now, he haunts my sketchbooks xD hahaha. How can you say no to that grumpy mug? :( Anyway, thanks so much to those of you still watching, and I will keep attempting to update whenever I can!! <3 <3