It's the 5am CRAZIES got me

SO. I'm totally awake and thought I'd post the sketches I scanned ...just for you, sketchblog. That's right. You bettah be payin' attentions *W*!! So here we go:

Number one is a picture of Rel & Del from Law of Talos that had been haunting me and forced me to draw it. Badly. But there it is. Secondly we've got a pic of Evil Mihaynye accosting Mathias! Because.. y'know. Fun times. And lastly it's a picture on request from the girls of DC (somuchlove) to draw Tjejoljy chillin with Nian. I think she's telling him to get meat on his bones or grow some chest hair or something. Prudently marked with a "THIS IS NOT AN OTP D:<<" just in case anyone was wondering.

That's it for now!! I'm. working on... other thiiiings~ >3 mewhehehehe
PS: I totally forgot to watermark these. Because i'm a dummy! *thumbsup*

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Anonymous said...

Arista here

Whootage for new updates ^^ these totally rock Del really like them alot I keep forgetting that Mihaynye has one wicked evil side lol ^^;;

Great work again