Revenge of Sketches

;-; sketches. So happy. I'm finally getting down to the very tail end of the paid holiday commissions I have to do, so.. look at this! Spare time. I've been fooling around in Painter a lot lately- I haven't touched it since the year started, actually- and I really do like some of the effects I'm getting. I'm just trying to figure a better and/or faster way to color, or -something-... Just getting a bit stircrazy doing so many portraits the same way (which I MUST, since it's what people paid for), and I'm having a good time having sketchytimes again.

I promise again that I'll scan stuff soonnnnn-ish. Yep. But as for the sketchies: Number one is a doodle of Kentaro, another addition to the "Del"-canon universe (the whole, how can Del be in Rellik's story and effect things etc etc) but really he just wanted to be drawn. And he always wants to be drawn faaar more cool than he actually is, so there you go. Secondly is a doodle of Chial experimenting in painter (she's so cute) and lastly a picture of Lyro Paw, a poor char of mine who hasn't been drawn since '06. Sorry, darling. I forgot about you kinda.. ehehehhh.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, I've been playing around with a watermark/link thing.. mostly so that, if people do save any of my stuff to HD, they can find their way back to me. I think it's a good idea. What you think? Too distracty?

Sooooo.. that's that until I decide to scan things. Woo!


Gaia Gandolfo said...

Expression on the second portrait is really turned out great ^^

Muffin said...

I like the water mark. I think it's the right size. :U