and my triumphant return.. kinda

Oh my loyal followers! How I have shirked thee so! Sorry. I've had a lot of commissions and I really feel bad working on doodles when I should be doing that... and also.. well, I'm really lazy about the scanner. I hate using my dad's old scanner. It just.. interrupts my flow. But seriously, I will get on scanning some of my trip doodles soon! Until then, have some opencanvas doodles, more opencanvas doodles, followed by a good smattering of paintchat doodles from a late night stint. Enjoy!! I'll be back with quality work for ya'll ASAP. Woof!


Jay Mariye said...

I totally forgive you. I've been out of the art loop for way longer. :( I haven't come out with anything good lately...

Nicky said...

Wow, Del, those are awesome. I do hate you though for calling those pretty painted colors "doodles." You talented fiend.

No really, is very very pretty! :)

And I am currently procrastinating the need to go use a craptastic old scanner myself, instead of being productive like I ought to be, so I totally feel you there! ;) Good luck wrestling with your dad's scanner. I cross my fingers for you and your lovely sketches.