Of random random doodles

Okaaaay. Here's some more art! This is.. horrifically random art. A whole page of random doodles, including Rellik, Yen & Lex, and some made up people. An entire page of random Nian-doodles, and last but not least the four DELVE dragon gods in chibi form. I've been wanting to draw all of the DELVE cast in chibi form.. but I know it'd take for-ehh-verrr.

On another note, I'd like to invite anyone who has previously watched my sketchblog to let me know if there's any image they can particularly recall that they have liked. I will be glad to post any, since I have them all on my computer, but the old blog itself is shot, SHOT I tell you! And for those of you who are new.. well.. Hi thar. I will attempt to post 3-4 times a month if the world and everything else allows it! So here's to the new blog.. *sips some orange juice*


Isaac Klunk said...

Hey, you're finally back online! Thanks for the comment! As for images I particularly liked, I don't think it was ever posted on this blog, but I still have a real soft spot for that book cover you did... I think you know the one!

Well, I like the way my work looks better on a white background--it seems more neutral, somehow. Plus I just feel like it's time for a lot of changes, in general... I have one or two more planned for that blog in the near future, too...

Nicky said...

Your chibis are my very favorite chibis ever, even though I told you that before I had to say it here because they're really just that awesome. And I have a soft spot for everything you've drawn! You should post that zombie-ish guy, whose name I can't remember right now, but who was all corpsey and cool looking.

Also, gotta say, on the first image of doodles, the second eye is the best eye I've ever seen. Not that you don't draw awesome eyes in general (still so jealous, by the way) but that one for some reason is just especially brilliant.

Oh, and here's to orange juice. *toasts*

Odrobinka said...

I truly love the one with Rellik from your dream. And it's good You're back :)