Blast from 2007

Nothing new, but these are my pics of my favorite sketch art from 2007! Now they will live here, on the new sketch journal. Mwahahhaeheheh. The first is (obviously) Cammy from Street Fighter done in PaintChat, then Rellik reclining, and Tain getting bit by a werewolf. Sadly I can remember all these quite easily... Huh.

On another topic entirely, I invite (and urge) you all to go check out Dark Welkin, an awesome webcomic by Nicky, an extremely talented SCAD Grad (trust me, she rules.) If you don't pay attention to me now, there's always a link to the left, and, through the magics of widgets, you can even see when she updates o_o ooOOOoooo. But, seriously. Go read it. :D



Nicky said...

Awww you're awesome! :D Thank you!

(Also, I am widgeted? O_o whoa! I feel magical now. Or stalked by invisible internet spies. Maybe both.)

Anonymous said...

Aww good that you have some of these still I'm glad that you have new doodle blog up ^^ I love seeing these

Arista ^^