Shiver me Timbers

Huuu, just for you, sketchblog viewers, I got on my parents' old computer and wrastled with the likes of the old old scanner there to bring you (gasp) actual for realz sketches. Yes. Sorry for the low quality, both due to scanner (sorry, Dad) and the fact that the spiral binding on my sketchbook does noting but fight the scan... These are some of the more finished-ish images from my most recent sketchbook, which only has a handful of pages left.

But yep. First off we've got a battle sister (yay Warhammer 40k!) done in some sharpie, Teshi my oldold website mascot done in just pen (as are many of my images.. I usually misplace my mechanical pencils, but I've got a huge box of pens on my desk), and last but not least, Powergirl. Yep.

Alas, Nicky, I could not find that zombie image that which you speak of.. but sadly I do recall it. It's in a sketchbook -somewhere-... if I find it I'll scan that too! But look forward to later in the week, since I've got a few more scans still. 'Till next time!!


Nicky said...

Well hey, at least you remember it too so I'm not just crazy! (Er, more than usual, I mean.) And these pretties more than make up for it; after all, I've seen zombiedude before, and these are new! And wow, totally love your PG, she looks amazing. Seriously, I know it's all sketchy and stuff, but that might be my favorite interpretation of PG yet. She just looks so...well, her. Really good grasp on the character in a single pose. And perfect boobs-to-muscle ratio, too. She actually looks believable...for Power Girl, I mean. ;)

Also, I hate that you put as much background detail into a sharpie sketch as I can maintain interest in for a finished piece. A pox on you, and a bigger pox on backgrounds in general. Bah.

Pommegranite said...

Teshi is still so cute. <3