DELVE doodlings

See? I said I had more scans... and yes, I know I'm overdoing it, but, once I get busybusier again I'll slow down with the posts. Hahahaha. I'm just not good about spreading stuff out over time.. when I have stuff to post, I post!!

Here's some DELVE sketches from my book. The first of which, for having done in pen, is really what I want DELVE to look like. Man, if I could make the chars look like that all the time..! I'd be set. So yes. The first is Chial backlit by Malothian, the second being Malothian and his cronies, and the third having portraits of Zhuer and Mathias, respectively.

More to come later, and Odrobinka, I will definitely post up that Rellik dream pic for you next update! And thanks Nicky, for all your nice comments :3 you're too much a sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Arista here XD

Whoot more lovely drawing you've done here ^-^

So very awesome its great to see some of your dlvl stuff I've miss it ^^ Don't over work yourself lol

delusion said...

Hehe, thanks! I'm glad to be drawing stuff from it too- especially the characters that don't get as much love. And worry not! A lot of this art is semi-old, and, especially my sketchbook art, is drawing while waiting for things to load and such xD so it's time that's downtime regardless!

Pommegranite said...

Wow, that shot of Mal looks really cool in that first pic! Very intense. @-@