My favorite angsty vampire

Awright. Yeah, I know, been posting every two days.. shhh.. it will not last, I promise. Here's some Rellik stuff! The first image is a doodle I made while pondering Rel's backstory to myself. It's kind of a fun comparison, Rellik to Chase, his human counterpart. He's been through so much- but regardless of how different they look, the images do have the same facial features. I traced them. Secondly, the requested Rellik Dream image! That was a very cool dream. And eegadz, that picture is from 2005. Glad to know it had staying power!! And then lastly I decided to dip back even further, and show ya'll a Rellik CG that I did back in 2002. I drew all those chains... I shudder to remember it.

That is all! I may be slow on posts now- because not only do I have my commissions, but now Law of Talos round 2 to contend with. Ahh yes~ back to the grindstone.


Odrobinka said...

This picture is one of those, which I would like to show to every one. To see what I see and like. And maybe it's not the newest one maybe even not the best of Yours, but still I sooo very like how his face came out. Thank You :)

Anonymous said...

Arista here XD

Oh whoa oo; its great to see how far you come and still kicking with awesome cgs Del. Really its always lovely to see grumpy Rellik butt XD

I'd love to know of his back story a little more I mean he was name Chase once Oo;;;

awesome job on the chains XD

Pommegranite said...

Chase looks so... pretty. *-* And sweet. Even tho I know he's an angryboy inside. :o But it is really no surprise what drew Pandora to him. <3

Nicky said...

"It will not last..." Oh sure, start with the bad news. *pout* At least we can't complain later about not being warned...(we'll still complain, of course, just not about lack of notice!)

I'm so glad you posted the dream image, I've never seen it before and I love it! I feel like his hair's going to start moving any minute if I stare at it long enough. Aaaany minute nowwwww...

And that's an awesome transition from Chase to Rellik! Not only can you (and by you I mean me, because they're your characters, so if you didn't know this already, big problem) tell that they're the same person--much time and strife removed--but impressively, it doesn't look like it was traced! And keeping the life in an image when you trace it off another one--major tough! Great job!

And oh man, I can't believe you drew all those chains...I am so suffering from chain-hate-boredom myself right now, and I totally cheated out on detail compared to you. Whoo!