I was never good at coming up with titles..

Just some more random sketchcrap! Yep.

Here we've got some kinda.. emo... random emotional draw-types stuff. I don't know what it is, it just is xD Then there's Isos & his hottie albino wife, who both might need a lil redesign if I'm ever to work on DELVE as a comic. Last but not least, a Mihaynye scan that somehow dropped off the last set of scans I posted. Yep eeeyep! Glad you guys liked the Rellik doodles!


Pommegranite said...

Mihay looks so cute there! I love her posture. And who are mister and missus triangle? *o*

delusion said...

I do mention in the description when I post, what is in each picture. xD so obviously the second image is of Isos and his wife

Anonymous said...

Arista here

Whoa the first one has a lot of emotions giving off there Oo;; looks like it hurts a lot Xx;;

Aww what a cute couple ^-^ they look so happy here XD

and whoot for Mihay I just love the look you gave in her face just gave off why we love her so much

Nicky said...

(Also, the need to think up titles is just plain annoying. Much sympathy)

Nicky said...

Tsk, it ate my comment? Well that's just rude...I can't remember what I said, but it was raving about the awesomeness of the red picture mostly, because wow is cool!