Elfs are very upsetting~

ARARARR. Sorry guys, I have, like, nothing for you at all. Apologies across the board! I'm hoping I'll be able to finish a Halloween pic for ya'll. Also, after seeing the doctor I'm supposed to be taking it easy on my arm.. or something. So here's some crap from a few weeks ago for you!

Another set of DELVE chibis, just the elves this time! They're all guys (yeah, they're girly). Then there's just Tshaude & Avaene- Avaene being kinda a creepshow (ha-HA), and then lastly young Zankou. This is all I has!!!!


Anonymous said...

Arista here ^^

Oh just love your chibis XD just so cute and Oh oh you did one of tsude ? dies!~

I hope that your arm is okay yeah don't want to over with it Xx; maybe learn to draw with toes ^^; maybe draw every other day Xx;;

the last picture is really deep, makes me want to know more of her backstory

Odrobinka said...

Zankou looks on a thumbnail a bit like one of my characters ;) Or at last how I would like her to look like... But although she's more than ten years old I still can't draw a picture of her which I'll be satisfied with -_-'
And I like Tshaude & Avaene :) It's quite simple. I like it's sketchy character :)

Nicky said...

Oh no not your arm! O_o I hope it's okay!

If it helps, your chibis are so adorable I almost frightened my classmates by sqeeing loudly...I love how grumpy Deauzre is! Aw!

And the Tshaude and Avaene picture is beautiful! I just want to take his braid off and wear it. (Okay, we all know what I really want to wear is that amazing pointed ear, but the braid's pretty kickass, too.) I love how you made it both sweet and creepy! That would be a startling way to wake up...

And Zankou is just beautiful! Ooh, the rimlight! Nice! You make sketchy into masterpiece.

Katie said...

Awww, I miss you. We should talk!