America, MAKE IT DO

Durt-durt-durrrr~ Yeah I said I'd upload these Halloween failed pics.. but I just got around to doing it :3;; ehehehhh! But yeah! There's here now..!! Left to right we've got, Pandora Rel & Diallo hangin' out (this is badly drawn, as it was in the throes of being angry at myself not being able to draw anything good), then another failed one of the three trick-or-treating (gilgamesh in the bg), and then a third failed image of Rel being all.. vampirey. nstuff. yeup.

*sits on edge of seat waiting for poll results* *w* c'mooon amuurrikaaaa~

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Anonymous said...

Arista here

Oh these are pretty good I think ^-^ I like the first picture a bit more great work again.

I hope your arm is okay meow